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The People

Aashish:  He started following cricket as a toddler via radio commentary, when India visited England in 1979, and his early childhood idol Sunil Gavaskar played a series to remember. He enjoys all formats of cricket, does not begrudge the control that some boards have over the game, and strongly advocates a world with cricket as the only practiced religion. He is also prone to exaggeration. He can be contacted on Twitter: @c_aashish.

Subash: His introduction to Cricket began with enduring sledges from his elder brothers during the many backyard cricket sessions. The fascination took hold when India won the world cup when he was six. He blogs at The Cricket Couch and you can follow him Twitter @thecricketcouch

Devanshu: Writes about cricket at the intersection of technology and liberal arts. He learnt mathematics through cricket statistics, and is now repaying that debt. You can find him blogging at and off-the-cuff as @dbackwardpoint on Twitter.

Rohit: A data monkey working on randomized controlled trials in development economics. He bats with a high elbow and bowls with a straight one. His other interests include craft beer, macroeconomics, comparative politics and tennis. He blogs at Chasing Fat Tails and can be found on Twitter under the moniker Noompa.

Dilip: His earliest cricketing memories goes back to a time when spin bowling was a dying art, and fast bowlers ruled the roost. The arrival of his cricketing idol Warne soon corrected that and the allegiance to the sport was set for life.  He maintains a blog and can be found on twitter as @tifosiguy.

Masuud: A management professional who rates darts as the sexiest sport in the planet and is a pub champion in music quiz. Played cricket at school, university and zonal levels in Karachi and now playing league cricket in England. He tweets at @MasuudQazi and sometimes rants at Bloody Cricket.

Minal: Cricket makes her believe that miracles are a reality – all that one needs is some self-belief, a little faith, lots of determination and hard work. Cricket remains her first love and she romanticizes about the game at The Corridor of Certainty and her non-cricketing life at Granger Gab. You can also follow her cricketing rants at @grangergabblog

Shrikant: The quintessential 12th man, he was good enough to make it as the waterboy for his class team’s second XI. Since then, watching the game from the sidelines comes naturally to him. He tweets as @homertweets.